When it rains, it pours

Hello again my dear reader,

when we were coming to Bermuda, everyone kept saying what a hot place Bermuda is and how we would be surfing or swimming all the time. We were much more down to earth than most, replying that there is a winter in Bermuda also and, even though it’s nothing compared to the winter in Prague or in Canada etc, it’s still going to be cold. Well, I can’t say it’s been cold here in the true sense of the term. Sure, it’s been wet and humid and it’s felt a little cold because of that. But, truly cold? No. In fact, just this weekend, I was knee deep in the sea smoking a fine cuban cigar and looking for shells. I didn’t get in the water completely (that would have ruined the cigar, for starters), it was a little too cold for that but I still enjoyed the heat of the day on my body and spent an enjoyable afternoon with Jitka and, of course, Athena by the coast.

But, the Bermuda winter is wet, really wet. Tonight, I was heading home around 18:00 and it started to rain about 30 mins before I set off. When I say rain, it was something like a tropical shower: vertical rain without wind but with such quantity and force that it was hard to see. I do now have waterproof gear,  got it from Masters during the first week of us being here. And, I even have different shoes for riding the bike than I wear at work. But, with all the precautions, when you have to ride a bike for 20 km and there are lots of places where the standing water on the road is 2 inches deep, you get wet. I got splashed a few times by oncoming vehicles and eventually felt pretty well soaked. But, it’s one thing being wet in 15 degree weather and a completely different thing being wet and cold. So, I can’t complain too much. I got home, Jitka had some food almost ready like the almost good housewife that she is and things improved. I thought about stopping at the shop to get some rum to fend off the cold from the rain but, to be honest with you, it was not necessary.

So, wet but warm, better than dry and cold, or so I think. What do you think?

Check back for more updates!

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2 Responses to When it rains, it pours

  1. Kevin says:

    And here you bought a scooter where in fact you probably should have purchased a canoe..

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