An unexpected perk of living in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader,

I thought I should share with you one of the unexpected perks of living Bermuda. It’s not to do with the weather, the nice people or the beautiful beaches. It’s instead all to do with being in the Bermuda time zone. Bermuda is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, which is one hour ahead of United States Eastern Time. This means that, if you’re a fan of American sport, you can watch it at almost the same time as in the US. In my case, this means enjoying the occasional NBA game. I guess other people may also enjoy Baseball, the NFL or NHL (if you’re weird, you may also enjoy the American Soccer League but let’s not get into that) but, for me, it’s just the NBA. Last night, for example, I watched the game between Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I managed to miss the last few minutes by falling asleep but, it was still nice to be able to watch a game live without it being the middle of the night.

In other news, the house situation seems sorted now, we should be moving in on February 1st. We’re quite looking forward to that and there will be loads more stories to share with you once we start growing our own veggies. We’ll probably also need to buy some furniture and a bread maker (still impossible to find decent bread here…) so there will be plenty of new stories for you to enjoy. So, please check back soon or follow our RSS feed for more news, as it happens.

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